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Individual Software/App Development

Providing software solutions to solve problems thrives us and gives us joy. Down here you can check out in more detail how we create those solutions

Individual software solves problems, your problems. Whether it is an everyday process that can be automated with a web application or mobile app that is tailored exactly for this purpose, or a new and innovative idea that completely revolutionizes the view of something existing, individual software in the web and app area makes it possible.


Software is not only the development, i.e. writing the code. Many aspects, starting with the approach of problem solving, over conception and design, up to the actual development, publishing and marketing, play together and finally lead to success. The handling must be appealing and intuitive, the performance high and the intention clear. These are our demands and should be yours.

Service Overview

UI/UX Design Web- & Mobile Apps

Ideas and solutions to problems usually first arise in the head. There is a vague idea of how the final product should look and operate.

In this phase it is very important to first work out the workflow (UX) with mockups/sketches and only then to design the user interface (UI) in detail. This way our experience can continuously flow into the development of the design and the final design contains all your wishes as well as a clear and comprehensible structure.

Especially in the mobile area, certain guidelines have to be followed, which ultimately gives the end customer the feeling of a high-quality and well thought-out software.

Software Architecture

As the name of the individual software suggests, individual solutions are created for specific problems. The initial situation always has different influencing factors, which is why planning the software architecture is an essential part of the preparation for development.

Our many years of experience in server/backend development in combination with various interfaces, be it web or mobile app, enable us to create the ideal solution tailored to your needs.


As a customer, you have a vision, an idea, a problem, and that’s exactly what you need a solution for in the form of a tailor-made software. We know what is needed, which questions have to be asked and answered and with which effort or time frame one has to expect. The process in which exactly these points are worked out is called conceptual design.

Experience has shown us that knowing beforehand usually saves a lot of time and nerves afterwards, brings a higher quality result and the focus remains on the essential, namely to find a remedy for the problem.

Individual Software Development

After a conception, which clarifies UI/UX design, software architecture and all necessary questions for implementation, the software can be implemented. The implementation is done together with the customer, agile and always ready to incorporate feedback.

We create a complete package for you, from hosting the user interface to setting up all accounts on various systems.

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The success of a software depends very much on the quality of the previous conception. The conception, however, is partly based on the information the customer sends us in advance. Often the idea does not come along with a concrete proposal or wish as to what kind of individual software is needed.

We see it as our task to bring you or your team technically up to date so that the advantages and disadvantages of different systems become clear and thus decisions can be made much more soundly.


Once we have arrived at a common wavelength and have roughly discussed the intentions and goals, we are ready to start the next phase: conception. A conception is the foundation of the software. Decisive questions regarding the implementation of the software are set up, discussed and then worked out in detail.

UI/UX design, preparation of the content, definition of the required interfaces and the database model are a major part of the process. The depth of detail varies from project to project, but fundamental decisions are already made at this stage. The more information available here, the more predictable the implementation in terms of effort and time.


Finally, the implementation, which is based on the information of the conception, can be started and carried out. Agility in project management and implementation is essential to ensure that final decisions are made and seamlessly incorporated during the implementation process.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the final acceptance before the go-live, acceptance tests are continuously performed after each completed module/feature. Thus you are always up to date and can give direct feedback.


Even after the go-live we will not let you down. Maintenance, support and small adjustments after the first real user has used the web application or mobile app is not only very useful, but also the quality standard we set for ourselves.

Individual software usually has a long lifetime, so continuity and patience is the key to success.

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