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About Us

Fasky stands for quality, innovation and software all together. Our spirit animal is the husky. The elegance, the mindful behaviour and focused gaze represent the way we work and interact with our customers

Who Are We

Different. That’s the keyword which is dropped more often in this industry than any other one. We’re not different than all others. We are alike them. Alike all those amazing problem-solver out there. We find solutions and use the incredible and never exhausted tool called software to realize them.

Our Mission

We burn for software, we love it. Not everybody has the same felling about it. Our mission is to show all our customers what this piece of art is capable of and just amaze them with our solutions.

What We Do

First of all, we listen. Problems are subjective and individual. What we do is understanding, change the perspective to the customer and analyse the situation. What we provide is a possible solution. 

Values that come with Fasky

For us, precision means delivering what was defined, exactly what was defined. Precision means being on time and precision means focus on the small in the same way as on the big parts. 

Communication plays a key role to have success with a project. We are straight with feedback and welcome our customers to be the same. No ego, no overprotection, just pure content wrapped in a friendly and adequate package. 

Our goal is to build up a relationship to our customers, but no relationship exists without trust and being honest to each other. We always work with trust, no matter if short- or long-term project. In case we receive the same trust and honesty in return, we know the partnership works out and amazing results are inevitable. 

Every problem we try to solve can be formulated as a challenge and challenges drive us to extraordinary performances. That’s what we are here for, that’s what we are good in.

Gaining knowledge and using it to solve an issue releases the same hormones as we experience in moments of happiness and satisfaction.  At a certain point and dose you don’t want to live without it anymore. To be honest, we reached this dose already some time ago. 

We at Fasky believe in the sentence ‘things you enjoy doing, are things you are good at’. Putting in that 1 or 2% of extra effort is so much easier if you are honestly  passionated about it. The moment we stop enjoying figuring out the right path to a solution, is the moment we close this company.

Our History

In 2018 Stefan and Thomas worked together on a project for two different parties. It took only two meetings to make both realize that the passion and vision is in line. Software is here to solve problems. Days got longer, but the cooperation got even better. Time flies, the project ended successfully and the friendship stayed. From that moment a steady discussion floated around in which constellation both could work together again. Now there is Fasky.  

Meet Fasky

Hi I'm Stefan 🙋🏼‍♂️

I’m one of the founders of Fasky, a technology-driven software company. My story began when I was 17 and found out that software is a gigantic problem-solving toolkit. This fascination brought me straight after school to university. To my surprise the graduation in the field of study ‘software development’ years later was just the beginning of learning. Real world problems fascinate me day in day out and even if they are challenging, I’m always confident that technology, especially software, has a solution. We just have to figure it out and that’s what I love to do.

Over the past years I got massive insights in how software is designed, build and works. For every issue I solve today I have one more perspective to look on the next one. If I get asked ‘what is software for you personally‘ I always give the answer: ‘Software is a piece of art with a very specific purpose’. So challenge me with all you have and expect nothing else than a piece of art as an answer, trust me.

– Stefan 

Hey I'm Thomas 👋🏻

At the age of 14 I started my journey as a software developer and immediately felt a passion to create new and innovative things other people can make a use of. I grew up in an awesome time with unlimited possibilities. Everyone with access to the internet can change the world right out of their homes, which is what I definitely want to do.

I love to solve technical problems, getting in touch with new technologies every day. Over the past few years I changed my way of solving problems. For me it’s very important to solve problems as fast and clean as possible, but I also want to fully understand the basics and core of the problem in order to avoid these problems in the future. So speaking of the technologies I’m using – I don’t really like telling people about “I’m awesome at technology A or technology B”, because do you know what? If you understand the core you can easily adapt to technology changes and that’s definitely a skill I have – Being highly flexible and efficient.

All in all, i just love the things I’m doing

– Thomas

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